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        Introduction of Xingyuan machinery products and services

        The company dynamicMagnetic Selection News

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        地址:No. 329, Xi 'an Gumeng Village, Hecheng Street, Gaoming District, Foshan, Guangdong

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        The company dynamic  /  MAGNETIC SELECTION NEWS

        Introduction of Xingyuan machinery products and services

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        Product Service and Commitment

         With the most professional and optimal goal: to provide the whole line mineral processing solution for customer with less investment and shorter time for higher profit.

        Ensure that customers have a detailed understanding of product structure, performance and characteristics before ordering、Assist customer in correct selection and and provide on-site assembly and installation design.

         We provide our product with a competitive price, on time shipment.

        Each machine that provide by us has the unique identifiable code to trace and supplements with operation brochure.

        Our engineer can provide professional install and operation training service if demanded.

        Time and on-site treatment to product quality issue with 24 hours for customers from Guangdong province, within 48 hours for other province’s customers to ensure production consistency.

        Guarantee one year( except consumables) under normal conditions of use for product.

         We provide lifetime after sales service for our products, together with our stocked spare parts.

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