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        About the structural characteristics of electromagnetic iron remover

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        About the structural characteristics of electromagnetic iron remover

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        Structural characteristics of electromagnetic iron remover

        Electromagnetic iron remover series self-discharging electromagnetic iron remover is composed of two parts: body and unloading mechanism. In addition to iron body magnetic circuit design is reasonable, high magnetic field intensity, magnetic penetration depth is large, so it is suitable for the occasion of thick material layer iron removal. And because of the use of fully sealed structure, the manufacturing process by vacuum drying and other special processes.

        So it can effectively prevent dust and harmful gas from the coil erosion, strong adaptability to the environment and climate, long service life. Series self-cooled self-unloading electromagnetic iron removable device, is on the basis of RCDB series self-cooling hanging electromagnetic iron removable device added drive motor, drum, with scraping plate of iron tape and other components.

        In the process of work, the iron unloading mechanism automatically throws the iron magnetic material adsorbed on the iron sheet into the iron collecting box in addition to the iron, without manual cleaning power outage, realizing the automation in addition to iron. In the steel plant, cement plant is used for slag iron removal and protection of roller press, vertical mill, crusher and other important equipment.

        The iron remover is a kind of iron remover equipment which can remove the iron magnetic material in the powder or block of strong non-magnetic materials by the scraper on the belt driven by the motor. It is used in cement, thermal power generation, ceramics, chemical industry, tobacco, coal, glass, mining and other industries. Used for iron removal of any material in front of crusher and conveyor belt, suitable for all kinds of harsh environmental conditions.

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