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        Several factors affecting the use effect of dry magnetic separator

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        Several factors affecting the use effect of dry magnetic separator

        作者:小編    發布時間:2021-01-19 10:44:01    瀏覽量:

        Several factors affecting the use effect of dry magnetic separator

        Dry type magnetic separator is for dry magnetic mineral separation magnetic separation machine, relative to the wet type magnetic separator to use liquid as diluent by sorting mineral separation efficiency, the dry type magnetic separator is asked to be sorting mineral dry, can move freely between particles and free state into separate, otherwise it will influence the magnetic separation effect, even will cause the consequences of not separation.

        Dry magnetic separator is suitable for particle size of 3mm below the wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, ilmenite and other materials, but also used for coal, non-metallic ore, building materials such as iron removal operations. So, the dry magnetic separator magnetic separation effect affected by those factors? Here are a few factors summarized by the author, please take a look.

        First, the thickness of the feed layer: it has a great relationship with the granularity of the raw material and the content of magnetic particles. The processing of coarse particles is generally thicker than that of fine particles. When treating coarse-grained ore, the thickness of the feed bed is about 1.5 times of the maximum grain. It can be about 4 times as thick as the largest particle for medium particle size and 10 particles for fine particle size. When the magnetic material content in the raw material is not high, the ore bed should be thinner. If it is too thick, the magnetic particles in the lowest layer will be subjected to the pressure of the upper material, and the magnetic force will not be able to absorb and cause the recovery rate to decline. When the magnetic particle content is high, the ore bed can be thicker.

        Second, the magnetic field strength and working gap: it is closely related to the particle size of the material being processed, the magnetic height and the operation requirements, when the working gap is certain, the magnetic field strength between the magnetic poles is determined by the number of ampere-turns of the coil, the number of turns can not be adjusted, can only be used to change the size of the exciting current to adjust the magnetic field strength. Processing of strong magnetic red and such selected operations, should use a weak magnetic field, magnetic processing of weak materials and scanning operation, field strength should be higher. When the current is certain, changing the size of the working gap can not only change the strength of the magnetic field, but also change the magnetic field gradient, reduce the gap magnetic force increased sharply, generally should be treated according to the size of the particle as far as possible to reduce in order to increase its recovery. When select, had better adjust gap big point, in order to increase selectivity, achieve the purpose that raises grade, but need to increase excitation current appropriately at the same time to ensure the magnetic field intensity that needs.

        Third, ore feeding rate: ore feeding rate is determined according to the rate of vibration groove (or belt). Its speed determines the ore particle in the magnetic fear of the pause time by the machine force, the greater the rate, the ore particle in the magnetic field pause is shorter, the ore particle by the machine force to gravity and inertia knife, gravity is a constant, inertia force is proportional to the square of the speed. Weak magnetic ore particles in the magnetic field by the magnetic force overriding gravity, therefore, the rate overriding a limit due to the increase of inertia force, the adsorption of magnetic force will be insufficient, resulting in low acceptance rate. Therefore, the selection of weak magnetic minerals should be lower than the feeding rate of strong magnetic minerals. Usually in the selection, the quality guess monomer particles more, and strong magnetic, ore rate can increase point, scanning, quality guess containing more connected life body, magnetic and weaker, to improve the acceptance rate of ore rate should be lower; When treating and punishing fine particles, in order to facilitate the porosity of ore particles, the frequency of vibration groove should be high and the amplitude should be small. Disposal penalty coarse grain is opposite. Appropriate handling conditions shall be determined by practice according to the nature of the ore and the requirements for the quality of separation. In the disposal of a number of metal ores, material should be linked to dry narrow level to ore, is conducive to the progress of the index, if the acceptance of wide level to ore, because of the size and fine particles by the magnetic force difference is large, but also increase the election conditions of the choice of difficulties, experience proves that the more the original sieve classification, the better the index.

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