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        Permanent magnet belt iron remover
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        Kaolin removes iron

        Magnetic Product
        Permanent magnet belt iron remover
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        產品簡介Product description

        Permanent magnet belt iron remover

        【 Product Introduction 】

        Permanent magnet belt iron removal machine series is suitable for ceramic industry dry powder in addition to iron, quartz sand, refractory materials and other non-metallic raw materials in addition to iron, scrap metal in addition to iron sorting.

        [Product Features]

        Permanent magnetic belt iron removal machine series of large magnetic surface area, strong magnetic force, long life; Simple structure, easy to operate, without manual removal of iron; Suitable for iron removal of granular materials, especially large particles of 0.1mmx0.1mm to 10mmx10mm in iron removal; Small loss, low failure rate, high output, iron removal is cleaner; Single layer, double layer and multi-layer iron removal can be customized according to customer requirements.

        [Technical parameters]

        All technical parameters for reference, different materials can change parameters according to the situation * Specific specifications and performance can be customized according to customer requirements.

        Application scope: food industry, mining equipment, sewage treatment, battery materials, energy and environmental protection, non-metallic ore, garbage sorting, pharmaceutical industry, etc

        Product features: RBCDD flameproof self-discharging electromagnetic iron removable device is suitable for explosive gas environment with methane composition and coal dust in the mine. The body adopts natural cooling design, small volume, fast heat dissipation and light weight. Fully enclosed structure is moisture-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-resistant and so on.

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