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        Oil - cooled electromagnetic slurry automatic magnetic separator
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        Stone removes iron

        Magnetic Product
        Oil - cooled electromagnetic slurry automatic magnetic separator
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        產品簡介Product description

        Scope of application: the oil-cooled electromagnetic strong magnetic iron separator is the latest magnetic separation products developed by our company, the background magnetic field reaches 25000T, the magnetic field gradient is large, can be selected with a variety of special magnetic conductivity stainless steel medium, to meet the needs of different regions, different kinds of mineral processing. Suitable for non-metallic ore: quartz, feldspar, kaolin and other minerals in addition to iron purification. Can also be used in steel and iron ore, power plant waste water treatment, cleaning contaminated chemical raw materials, etc. Technical features: water - cooled electromagnetic strong magnetic slurry iron separator is a new type of high - efficiency magnetic iron separator. The deionized water is circulated through a circulating pump in the hollow copper tube, taking away the heat generated by the energized copper tube. Based on this special structure, the water-cooled electromagnetic high-intensity magnetic separator has the following advantages:

        1. High magnetic induction intensity

        2, the internal temperature rise is small, long-term operation of magnetic induction intensity is not easy to decay

        3. High output per working hour

        4. Wide adaptability to ore feeding granularity and concentration

        5. High beneficiation efficiency

        6. Easy to operate and maintain

        Automatic iron removal operation process

        Power on device

        1. Close the slurry return valve and iron discharge valve, and open the magnetizing device

        2. After a few minutes (can be set according to demand), close the feed valve and the slurry valve, open the slurry return valve, and the remaining slurry in the slurry removing machine is discharged through the slurry return valve

        3, magnetic break, close the feed valve, slurry valve and slurry return valve

        4, open the iron discharge valve, the adsorption in the magnetic medium iron material discharge.

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