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        Dry permanent magnet roller belt type iron remover series
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        food removes iron

        Magnetic Product
        Dry permanent magnet roller belt type iron remover series
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        產品簡介Product description

        XYYCG Dry permanent magnetic separator roller type




        The product is widely used to remove ferrous powder and fine magnetic substance from ceramic, glass, plastics, chemical, food, refractories, abrasives industriesetc.


        Working principle and technological features:

        The machine is consists of permanent magnetic roller, bridle rolls, transmission belt, division plate and feeding hopper. Material evenly enter transmission belt from the adjustable feeding hopper, then be conveyed to separating magnetic rollers, the nonmagnetic material will flow in parabolic path to nonmagnetic product hopper under the composite action of the centrifugal force and gravity, the magnetic material will be adsorbed on the transmission belt that in separating magnetic roller area. With the transmission belt running, the magnetic material will enter magnetic product hopper, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

        The separating magnetic roller is adopted the neodymium iron boron permanent magnets: the magnetic field of roller surface is no lower than 13000GS, the magnetic field of transmission belt surface is no lower than 10000GS.

        Separating magnetic roller is not contact to the material, no erosion, low demagnetization rate.

        It can be combined into multi-layer type machine according to the actual need, and separate in multilevel operation, compact structure, easy installation and maintenance.


        Diameter of Magnetic roller


        Length of magnetic roller (mm)

        Intensity of magnetic field (GS)

        Power (KW)

        Particle size (mm)

        Number of layers









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