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        Suspended rare earth permanent magnet iron remover
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        Magnetic products

        Magnetic Product
        Suspended rare earth permanent magnet iron remover
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        產品簡介Product description

        Inside the use of high coerced, high remanence of special permanent magnets and other materials composed of composite magnetic system, maintenance-free, strong magnetic force, long life, simple installation, easy to use, suitable for belt conveyor, vibrating conveyor, feeder, feeding chute on the non-magnetic materials, continuous work with less iron occasions.

        The utility model relates to a hanging type permanent magnet iron remover, which is suitable for removing ferromagnetic substances in non-magnetic bulk materials. Its magnet is composed of NdFeB and ferrite to form a composite excitation magnet, that is, it is composed of magnetic guide plate, strontium ferrooxide block, NdFeB permanent magnet and magnetic shielding plate to form an E-shaped magnetic circuit, which can produce a strong enough magnetic field, good iron removal effect, and save energy consumption, and greatly enhance the reliability.

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